“I am writing to express my thanks for your wonderful stroller. Recently, my husband and I decided to take out 10 month old twins to Italy for a trip. You can imagine what a task that is. However, with the Sit 'n' Stroll it wasn't so bad. The babies were very comfortable in them—on the plane, by the pool, in the restaurants and for walks! They napped better in the Sit 'n' Stroll than they did at home. They were easy to steer - even while pulling a large piece of luggage.

The Sit 'n’ Stroll also was a big hit in Europe. So many people from Italy, England, Switzerland, Germany and France came up and asked about it. One couple from England videotaped it being demonstrated and took down the information on it and hope to find it back home! I am singing your praises to all. Thank you.”
--Maria Mazza, Astoria, NY

Nap - Sac

As seen on NBC Today with Bobbie Thomas on November 6.

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Supermoms and superdads haul around the whole kit and caboodle (diaper bag, changing-table accessories, removable car seat, blankets for naps). Smart parents just grab this. The Lilly Gold Nap-sac is a deluxe diaper bag that folds open into a self-contained changing station or comfy bassinet.

Four padded sides fold up to keep Baby tucked inside, making it perfect for places that don't have changing stations (and more sanitary for places that do). When it's time for a nap, Baby can lay down on her back or side in the padded bassinet, rather than harnessed in the car seat.

The bag is made of durable nylon canvas and sized to be carried as a regular tote. It has a wide, adjustable strap with a padded shoulder and large, easy-to-grab, up-facing zips on the 6 expand-out pockets.

As a bag: 17Lx7Wx14H"

The bottom pad has a wet-proof plastic cover and comes with a soft, white cotton slip for changing and a zebra-print sheet for sleeping. It also has all the spacious pockets you could hope for to keep things separate and easy to find.

As a bassinet/changing station: 29Lx18Wx8H" comes with 2 bed sheets for a quick change. Available in black or red.


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